What Makes PS4 Faster Than Xbox One?

ps4 vs xbox one

With the release date of the PS4 and Xbox on a few days away, people are trying to figure out which console will be the best one to buy. One of the questions people have regarding the two consoles is their performance, and one of the most important performance issues is which system is faster.

From the specifications released by the Sony and Microsoft, the two consoles have similar CPU speed – they have the same AMD APU and feature an 8 core Jaguar CPU which is connected with Radeon 7000 GPU. The Xbox is technically faster than the PS4 because the PS4 was clocked at 1.6GHz, while the Xbox is at 1.75 GHz.

The large CPU core allows both systems to function well while multitasking, which is more important for the Xbox because it is going to be running two separate operating systems at the same time.

Despite running slightly faster, it isn’t going to make much of a difference in the consoles performance, also Microsoft announced earlier this year that games will only have access to six of the CPU cores, because the two remaining cores will be used for other tasks. Sony has not made an announcement regarding core restrictions in the PS4 which means their games will have access to all eight cores.

The GPU for both consoles as previously mentioned are very similar, the difference is the PS4’s GPU is substantially larger than the GPU for the Xbox one. The Xbox one has an entry level Bonaire GPU while the PS4 has a mid-level Pitcairn GPU. In other words, the PS4 has 18 compute units or CU’s while the Xbox one has 12.

Technically, the PS4 is 50% more powerful than the Xbox one, which is a very big advantage for the PS4, also 10% of the Xbox one’s GPU is reserved for Kinect, which means the PS4 games will have better graphics because they have more graphics power available.

The PS4 also has a higher bandwidth of system RAM than the Xbox one, which will give the PS4 a higher output resolution, and better frame rates. Most of the games that are made for both consoles will look similar, but games that are released exclusively on the PS4 will look better and run smoother than the ones made exclusively for the Xbox one.

The huge difference in the GPU is what sets the two consoles apart, and is the main reason the PS4 is a faster console than the Xbox one.