PlayStation 4 vs. XBOX One

ps4 vs xbox one

Video game consoles are about to enter the next generation, the two heavyweights in the market, Microsoft and Sony are ready and waiting to go head to head once again. As with every new console generation, the question of which to buy is on every gamers lips – The PlayStation 4 vs. XBOX One, which one should you get? That’s the question this article aims to answer.

With the global recession still raging on and influencing consumer behavior, it’s no surprise that price is one of the biggest factors for this generation of consoles. When comparing the two consoles on price, the PlayStation 4 comes out on top with the base model retailing at $399, the comparable XBOX One console is priced at $499. Even when accounting for the kinect sensor included with the XBOX One, the PlayStation 4 still comes on top for value. Official wireless controllers for each console are priced at $59.99. Both consoles also double up as blu-ray players this time around, a feature the PlayStation 3 was praised for upon its release. The final point on the value front is storage, both consoles come with a 500gb HDD as standard, which should be enough for most gamers.

cod ghostThe next subject has to be the games themselves as they’re after all, gaming consoles. The PS3 really struggled in this area due to its then-new, complicated CPU architecture which game developers were unfamiliar with. As a result, the Xbox 360 had much more games available. This time around the PlayStation 4 uses a much more conventional architecture so when it comes to games, the consoles should be equal. When the PlayStation 4 vs. XBOX One debate moves onto anti-piracy measures however, things get interesting. Microsoft announced some awful DRM (Digital Right Management) measures back at the gaming convention E3, such as disallowing used games and requiring the console to be online at all times, all in an effort to combat piracy. After a backlash, Microsoft quickly backtracked on these measures and it remains to be seen however how much the XBOX One is still to be restricted when it comes to DRM. They’ve not totally backtracked as the console is still required to check-in online every 24 hours.

amdThe final couple of points are design and technical specifications. When it comes to design both consoles are very conservative, nothing flashy, just clean modern looking boxes effectively. Technical specification wise, both consoles are pretty similar sharing the same 8-core AMD CPU and the same amount of RAM (8GB). On the RAM point however the PlayStation 4 uses a better type of RAM called GDDR5, more suitable for gaming compared to the XBOX Ones DDR3 RAM. Whilst not much of a concern for gamers, Developers will welcome the increase as they can increase the quality of textures in their games. They also both use a custom AMD Radeon graphics card which, without going into extremely technical details cannot be split, the games will be the most effective means of comparison (For those interested, the PS4 GPU has more compute units and a higher theoretical peak performance value).

So there we have it, right now the PlayStation 4 is just about ahead and it is currently the one to buy. The PlayStation 4 vs. XBOX One debate will be at full speed come their releases in November.