PlayStation 4 Voice Command Capabilities

PlayStation 4

Sony recently confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will have voice recognition capabilities bundled together with the PlayStation Camera which will be launched with the PlayStation 4 on November 29, 2013. Sony Computer Entertainment in a press release revealed that the PlayStation Camera will have face recognition and navigational voice command which adds a lot of innovation to gaming. The Sony PlayStation Camera works hand in hand with the PlayStation gaming console to enhance your gaming experience by expanding on the already available gaming console system features. The Voice Command Navigation and the PlayStation Camera’s additional features such as tracking your body’s movement during gaming and face recognition ease menu and game navigation.

Tabloids say that this is a bid by Sony not to be outdone by Nintendo and Microsoft’s Xbox One which already feature voice recognition and voice navigation capabilities. Either way, PlayStation 4 seems to have slightly leveled the playing field which will make it much harder to pick out a gaming console once it is released. There is a catch however, the PlayStation Camera that comes with the voice command and voice recognition capabilities comes must be bought separately. It is still unclear as to whether these features were originally planned to be part of every gaming console and Sony Computer Entertainment later decided to separate these features from the main console. The downside to this is that some of the Sony PlayStation 4 games will not support these additional features that you get when you buy the PlayStation Camera.

The PlayStation Camera uses new stereoscopic lenses to track your body movements when gaming. This compounded with voice navigation provides an almost unparalleled gaming experience that you will enjoy. Sony Computer Entertainment announced that the Sony PlayStation 4 will retail at $399 while the PlayStation Camera will be sold separately for $59 in North America while in Europe it will retail at €49.

As expected, PlayStation 4 will offer some very unique gaming functionality thanks to the new Dual Shock 4 controllers. The PlayStation Camera will use facial recognition to identify the player who is holding the dual shock gaming pads and load that player’s profile. The player will then be able to issue voice commands for gaming and menu navigation. I think everyone would have preferred to see all of these features packed together with every PlayStation 4 gaming console but it clearly seems that it was a deliberate effort by Sony to have them sold separately so as to cut down on costs.