Call Of Duty: Ghost – Squads

COD Ghost squads

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Activision recently revealed the new Squads mode in Call of Duty: Ghost in a recent trailer. Call of Duty: Ghost, which is the 10th game of the popular Call of Duty franchise, will club together different game modes such as co-op, multiplayer and single player modes with squads complemented by opponents and AI. All the modes in Squads can also be accessed offline.

The Squads mode will allow players to create up to 10 characters constituting a ‘Squad’. These squads can then be used to play in solo and multiplayer modes against Squad mates and AI opponents in order to increase XP. Ranking up the XP allows players to unlock various load out and customization features (XP is carried over to the conventional multiplayer mode as well).

The various game modes in the Squads mode include Wargame, Squad v Squad, Safeguard Infinite, Safeguard and Squad Assault.

Wargame features the player, along with 5 created squad mates, pitted against an AI team. This mode is basically an extension of the usual multiplayer experience.

Squad v Squad pits together two opposing players and their squads in a one on one encounter.

Safeguard is a survival mode with score streaks and perks. The player and up to 3 friends can play to survive against waves of enemy hordes, similar to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Survival Mode. Safeguard Infinite is similar to Safeguard, except there will be unending waves of enemies, thus testing how long a player can survive.

Squad Assault is a cooperative multiplayer mode. The player and up to 5 friends can create and play with a Squad of their choice. Their opponents will be a group of AI operated enemies chosen from the squad of some other player. The aim of the created squad will be to defend a chosen map which the AI Squad will look to take over. If the AI Squad emerges victorious, XP points will be awarded to the player whose squad was used by the AI.