Video: Battlefield Hardline Trailer


Battlefield features a modern world battlefield where all types of weapons such as bare hands, military daggers, guns, armed choppers and armed motorbikes are used. The game has many modes and can be played in different episodes. In Omaha, it is all about war and crime. In the game play, characters serve others and protect or serve themselves. The criminals engage in … [Continue reading]

Video: Madden 15 Trailer

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Madden 15 EA Sports has released the trailer for the new Madden, Madden 15. Madden 15 will be released later in the year on August 26th (my birthday =). The new Madden seems to have many improvements to the graphics and gameplay itself. Players get … [Continue reading]

Watch Dogs Tips


Watch Dogs is a new action adventure game produced by Ubisoft, featuring the story of a hacker wrecking havoc across the city of Chicago. The gameplay is realistic and the setting of the game is in an open world, similar to Grand Theft Auto. It is an … [Continue reading]

Video: NBA 2K15 Commercial


On the NBA 2K15 cover will be league MVP Kevin Durant. The game is still in its last stages of development and it is no secret that Durant has been a big fan over the years. Durant had announced his sponsorship for NBA 2K15 on the same day as his … [Continue reading]

Mortal Kombat X

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Mortal Kombat X Today, IGN announced that there will be a new Mortal Kombat coming in 2015. The graphics in the new game are incredible, as you can see in the trailer below. They have really went all out with the details in the new game. Posted … [Continue reading]